PAID meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
paid work/employment Many of these women, aged 40 and over, are just returning to paid employment. paid holiday/vacation/leave Labor unions have made paid family leave a top priority. paid overtime/time off Will we receive paid overtime for the extra work?
Paid Definition of Paid by Merriam-Webster.
past tense and past participle of pay. Definition of paid Entry 2 of 2. 1: marked by the receipt of pay paid vacation time. 2: being or having been paid or paid for a paid official a paid political announcement.
Earned, Owned et Paid media: quelle est la différence? Combell.
Et grâce à Internet, et plus particulièrement à lessor des médias sociaux, vous disposez de nombreux moyens de communication. Dans le jargon, on parlera de paid, owned et earned media. Les Paid Media sont les médias qui diffusent vos messages contre paiement.

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