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As the original Concrete screw anchor that revolutionized As the original Concrete screw anchor that revolutionized the construction world, Tapcon brand Concrete anchors deliver the ease of use, superior precision and the unparalleled performance that professionals demand. Tapcon Concrete screw anchors draw from its unique ability to TAP its own threads into Concrete, making it an excellent alternative to expansion anchors, plugs, and lag shields.
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In yachts, a kedge anchor is an anchor carried in addition to the main, or bower anchors, and usually stowed aft. Every yacht should carry at least two anchors the main or bower anchor and a second lighter kedge anchor.
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2: a person or thing that provides strength and support a star quarterback who has been the anchor the most important part of a football team's' offense for many years He described his wife as the emotional anchor of his life.
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